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Killua Icons Again Again

73 of them to be exact.

Got tired of my old set of manga colorings, so I tried something new.
More may come eventually, but three days straight of this has taken its toll.

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Killua Icons Again

Because finally getting my adobe suite obviously calls for cheap and easy Killua icons.
I did not draw any of these amazing pieces of artwork. I'd have to be talented to do that.

+10 fanart
+02 anime (2011)

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HxH Icons

Killua Icons

Maybe I'll do a Gon one next or something. I'm starting to feel bad about always focusing on Killua. They're a team. It's not one or the other. It's gotta be both!

+34 Hunter x Hunter 2011 Reboot
+12 Fanart

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Icon Dump(ster) #002

28 Kagerou (Kano, Red)
10 Hunter x Hunter (Killua, Gon)
35 Sailor Moon (Makoto)
46 Sinfest (Fucshia)

119 Total

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HxH Paint Icons

+38 Killua
+10 Gon
+8 Kurapika
+14 Leorio
+4 Hisoka
+6 Kuroro
+5 Machi
+5 Nobunaga
+3 Feitan
+4 Shizuku
+2 Pakunoda
+1 Pakunoda's Cleavage
+2 Shalnark
+1 Shalnark's Hax Phone
+2 Senritsu
+2 Zeno
+1 Silva
+1 Illumi
+8 Killua and Gon
+2 Killua and Leorio
+1 Killua and Hisoka
+1 Gon and Machi
+1 Kurapika and Senritsu
+1 Zeno and Silva
+1 Groups
+125 Total

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HxH Challenge #001

This was originally going to be an ongoing project in which I went through the HxH manga four times and iconed each of the main four characters. But before I even finished with the first character, Killua, every friggin' computer my family owns has been rendered unusable.

So I figured I might as well put up what I have and continue whenever I finally get the chance, which may be a long, loooong time from now.

+58 Killua
+6 Killua and Gon
+1 Killua and Machi
+6 Palm
+1 Gon

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Icon Dump(ster) #001

Just dumping a good portion of the icons I've done that I've never put anywhere.

13 Rosario + Vampire
5 Bleach
11 Fullmetal Alchemist (Original Anime)
4 Amatsuki
38 Zombieland
3 Katekyou Hitman Reborn
1 Hunter x Hunter

75 Icons in total

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Icon Community

Well, this is better than overloading the few people who've friended my journal with a bunch of little 100x100 squares of fandoms and characters they don't care about, right?

I will try to focus on coloring in manga panels, and if anyone has any advice on how to do better, I'd love to hear it.